4 Websites Where You Can Get Virtually Hitched

You and your boo are separated by hundreds or thousands of miles. With so much distance, it can be hard to find gestures to show your commitment, but since all your dates take place online, why not take things to the next level and get married online too? Read on for four sites where you and your S.O. can get virtually married. Just keep in mind that none of these are legally binding! But if you want to have some fun and find a new date to celebrate between the two of you, we’ve got you covered:


So this one doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it gets the job done, and you can technically get “married” to each other as many times as you want. Put in your names and email addresses as well as the date of your marriage, and it will be added to the registry. You can also put in a place if you want (if you don’t, it’ll automatically fill in iROM.org as the place).


This is another very simple virtual wedding site, but it’s definitely cute. Just put in both your names and email addresses, click “I do,” and an email will be sent to your partner. Once they promise to love and cherish you “even if there is no WiFi and your phone battery is low” (ah, such an important vow for long distance couples), you both receive a printable wedding certificate and are added to the site’s registry.


My boyfriend and I have actually used this one before. Mostly he was surprised by how fast the whole process was, and that’s really saying something considering how simple all of these sites are. I proposed, he clicked yes, and we were pronounced virtual husband and wife! Our names are now in the archive on the site. This one can be a bit more personal as there is a space to type in your proposal to the other person, which you can make as long or short and as generic or personal as you want.


This site is simple enough and can provide a slightly more personal experience although it is best done when the two of you are in the same room. The two of you fill in your names, click to “commit” to each other, and then have the opportunity to type your vows, which can either be copied directly from the suggested vows on the page or original and heartfelt. At the end you are pronounced committed and sent to a page where you can print your commitment to each other.

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